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Rules & Regulations

  • Make use of every opportunity that is made available in JP College Of Arts and Science to strive towards academic excellence and personality development.
  • Respect for teachers, elders and persons in authority, courtesy, kindness, loyalty, dignity of labour, compassion for the less fortunate, a friendly attitude towards fellow students are expected from every student of JP College Of Arts and Science.
  • Students shall maintain silence and be attentive in classes, at meetings of the college associations and other gatherings.
  • Every student shall consider it as her / his personal responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the campus.
  • Cell Phones are not permitted for students and staff in the College.

Every student shall take special care of the furniture and other amenities that are kept for use. Any scribbling on desks or damage to property such as breaking of things/furniture shall be charged to the student at fault ,if not traceable, to all the students collectively.


Students entering the college after 10.00 am have stopped in the college main gate by the securities and also they have to face the discipline committee members and explain the reason. Their names will be entered in the late register. Disciplinary action will be taken by their respective departments against students, who come late more than a time in a month .Visitors are not allowed to meet the students during college hours.


All two wheelers must be parked in the allotted parking area. Vehicle owners must have the vehicle license and vehicle insurance documents. Students are requested to produce their driving license when demanded by the authority for verification.


Students should pay the bus fees within 10 days after joining the college. If any student wants to discontinue travel by college bus he/she should give written request to the Principal immediately.


Students should wear clean, decent clothes as to safe guard the dignity of a cultured and educated person. The boys should be in formals and girls should wear salwar kameez with dupatta pinned on both sides and wearing legging is strictly not allowed.


Students shall refer the notice board for test, exam time tables, fees payment and other general information.


Private collection of funds or sale of items must not be made without the permission of the Principal.


The academic year is divided into two semesters and each semester consists of 90 working days without counting the test days and exam days.

In accordance with the directives of Manonmaniam Sundarnar University college offers 25% of Internal assessment marks with 75% of external marks, for both U.G and P.G courses. Every student should appear for 3 series of test in all subjects before appearing for the University examinations at the end of each semester.

  • Regularity in attendance is obligatory and students are expected to possess a minimum of 90% attendance.
  • No student shall absent himself / herself without prior permission. Application for leave must be submitted to the Head of the Department.
  • Candidate shall have 75% of minimum attendance per semester to take the university examinations.
  • Students those who have 65% of attendance will have to pay condonation fee.
  • Students who have attendance less than 65% have to repeat their course after getting permission from the College and Manonmaniam Sundarnar University.
  • Before taking leave students should apply for leave in the written form duly signed by parents. The letter should be submitted to the Head of the Department after getting the permission from the teacher in charge.
  • In case of absence due to unforeseen cause, leave letter should be submitted on the first day of returning to the college.

Please note: Submission of leave application with/without medical certificate does not entitle a student to earn attendance automatically for the day of his/her absence from the college.


Semester fees should be paid (without fine) within the stipulated date ,failing which a penalty will be levied.

Every student shall pay the semester fees due even if he/she discontinues before completing the semester. If a student leaves the college during semester, he/she shall not have the right to claim a remission of any portion of the fees.


Clearance of fees dues is a prerequisite for:

  • Permission to write the semester exams.
  • Getting transfer certificate from the college.

A former or present student desiring to obtain a certificate (TC, conduct, bonafide etc) shall apply for it by making a formal written request to the Principal. Certificate will not be issued in less than 24 hours.

  • Indulging in any offence will result in suspension and dismissal from the college.
  • Ragging of any sort or indulging in any form of violence is punishable.
  • Disobedience to Management/Faculty, indecent behavior, involvement in any criminal offence is punishable under the law of the land.
  • Any kind of malpractice (Cheating, copying in tests/examinations giving false declarations etc.) will lead to debarring from taking the examination.
  • Leaving the hostel without proper permission from warden will lead to severe consequences.