Admission is open for the Academic Year 2021-2022          Department of CS,BCA,IT Jointly organizing International Conference on Emerging Trends in Intelligent Computing (ICoETIC 2021) on August 11-12         


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To provide quality education in the field of commerce with computer application and transforms the students into competent commerce professionals enabling attainment of social and economic goals.


  • To impart in-depth knowledge in core commerce courses.
  • To impart knowledge though student centric Innovative teaching and learning process.
  • To provide hands on experience in the application of commerce knowledge in computerized business environment.
  • To inculcate the ethical, moral and spiritual values to meet the challenges of the commercial scenario.
  • To train and develop the students with the employable skills required for commerce and IT sectors.


  • To make the students adaptable to the changing global needs and ensure employability.
  • To provide value based education integrated with social responsibility and student’s environment to national development.


  • Mold the students to be the good human beings.
  • Promote the knowledge on the current topic by arranging seminars and lecturers.
  • Guiding the students to write the competitive exams.
  • Motivate the students to do ICWA & CA.
  • Direct them to do the service to the society.


  • To make the students to prepare and apply for Bank Exams, MNC’s and Government undertakings.
  • To Competence Building among faculty like obtaining Ph.D.,To conduct an International Conference.
  • To publish more research papers in National/International journals.
1Ms. S. Seetha HOD- A-SectionM.Com., M.Phil.,(Ph.D.),Tally.
2Mr. M. Rex Angelo HOD- B-SectionM.Com., M.Phil.
3Mrs. T. Muthumari- HOD- C-SectionM.Com(CA)., M.Phil.,Tally.
4Mrs. R. ValliammalM.Com., M.Phil.(PGDCA).,Tally ERP9
5Ms. C. Tamil IlakkiyaM.Com(CA)., M.Phil.,PGDCA.
6Ms. U. Ashika Nancy
M.Com., M.Phil.
7Ms.M. Samuthira Priya
M.Com., M.Phil.
M.Com., P.hd.,
9Dr. S. Raja
M.B.A., P.hd.,
M.Com., M.Phil.
M.Com., M.Phil.
12Mrs. Savariammal
M.Com., M.Phil.
13Mrs. M. Rahumath Nisha
M.Com., M.Phil.